An incredible experience is a crafted story that takes someone to a simple destination. But that doesn't make getting there easy. Be it visual identities, product design, or narrative journeys - big ideas require an empathetic and dedicated focus on details.


For more than a decade, I've been helping companies around the world through engaging and simple design. Growing up in the Midwest, I've married heartland work ethic with a passion for big ideas, and vision for global audiences.

I currently work at Makr, where I lead the award-winning product design team to bring better branding tools to small business owners.

Made by Will

Destined  A science-fantasy story about courage
Yoimono  The Iowa Creators' Community
Collectishelf  A shelf for collectibles

Speaking Engagements

Mission Creek Festival - 2018
1 Million Cups - 2017
Iowa Startup Accelerator - 2016
University of Iowa JPEC - 2015
Startup Weekend - 2015
NextGen Summit - 2015

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