I was asked to analyze and offer a solution for a specific problem Uber is facing: People are requesting Uber rides from airports upon arrival far less than those taking Uber rides to the airport for departures.

Through some research and a few customer interviews (20-60 mins each), I found four reasons Uber could be seeing this difference in user habits.

  1. Airport travelers arrange to be picked up by friends or family, or take public transit.
  2. Uber riders think airport pickups take longer because drivers aren't around, or are not available altogether.
  3. Uber drivers tell their passengers they don't want to be available for airport pickups.
  4. Riders are frustrated with how complicated getting picked up from the right airport terminal can be, so opt for an alternative.

In short: Ubering to and from the airport isn't top-of-mind

Solution One: Prompt to Schedule Rides

If push notifications are enabled, and a rider enters an airport as their destination, once they arrive at their departure airport the app will ask if they would like to schedule a pickup. This notification could also occur during the drive there.

This friendly prompt will allow the user to select their destination airport before their flight and shows the user that Uber is taking an additional step to get them to where they’re going faster and more easily.

Connecting Uber to flight information would allow Uber to handle the scheduling for the user, further making the traveling experience hassle-free. Having the flight information would allow Uber to automatically update the driver with flight delays and which terminal section their passenger will likely be walking out of.


Solution Two: Incentivize Drivers

Incentivizing the drivers to do airport pickups (taking them away from high-traffic, profitable routes) would help offset their loss and change their morale.

For scheduled pickups, having the rider pay a “convenience fee” in order to ensure their driver will be waiting for them upon their arrival could cover this incentive.

To eliminate over-saturation at the airports, the app could utilize flight number data to give drivers an idea of how many likely rides will be needed. They can then decide for themselves if they want to wait for airport pickups.

Solution Three: Welcome Riders (& Prompt Them)

If push notifications aren’t enabled, the user has only been prompted to schedule a pickup if a) they click the new CTA in their receipt email, or b) happen to open the app again.

Landing at an airport can be a stressful feeling. That's’ why this is a great opportunity for Uber’s new branding to shine.

If the user hasn’t scheduled a pickup, upon opening the app on arrival they’ll be treated to a full-page illustration in the new, cool- colored Uber styling. Providing a visually appealing experience, and building brand equity.


Solution Four: A More Visual Terminal Selection

Redesigning the pickup location selection process will help the users feel confident that they’re waiting in the right place, and help the drivers be more accurate with their pickup.

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